Better Vendor Price
Shows per individual, current stack and full stack prices. Works anywhere including bags, vendors, item links in chat and the Auction House. Why is it useful ? Sometimes the regular vendor price isn't enough to decide what to keep and what to discard: For instance imagine you have 4 something that sell for 12s and 2 of something else for for 8s and both are dropping right now Well assuming they both stack in 5 max, you should get rid of the 4 as you can get 20s from that slot with the other item (vs 15s for the other) But if one stacks in 20 and the other in 5 or 10, the calculation changes ! Unless you are a math wiz and can do all that in your head (and if you know the stacking size), you can use this addon to guide you! (and if a math wiz, it'll tell you the stacking size too)
DB updated: 08/02/2019