A fixed version of the MonkeyQuest questtracker addon (by DaMaGepy) with 1-2 extra features that I added. I'm using MonkeyQuest since vanilla and I've always edited it for my taste and added features just for my personal use. Now I fixed it for Classic and I'm sharing it because maybe others like it as well. By default it starts with my favorite style/layout settings, but they can be changed!: - Mouseovering a quest shows the full questtext in a tooltip (highlighting known locations) so no need to open questlog. - By default it hides the completed objectives and colors the questtitle green (done) - Grows upward (can be changed) - By default it's compact and uses small fonts (can be changed) Now you can configure the look/colors/fonts/alpha (again) by right-clicking the blue title! If you accidentally close the window, show it again with: /mquest open Authors of original: Trentin, Jim-Bim
DB updated: 08/14/2019