Titan Panel Classic
Titan Panel for Classic (quickfix by DaMaGepy) Displays an information bar at the top/bottom of the screen: gold, bagslots, xp, durability, map coordinates... It may have errors if I overlooked something or haven't catched yet, I tried to remove all the retail features (vehicles petbattles guildbank and other leftovers) and deleted related menuitems/configoptions but I may missed some. For now it works for me, should be enough until the authors or someone else rewrites/updates them. If that happens then let me know and I'll delete this. I may add other plugins like profession ones later but I never used those so for now I just continue playing :) Working plugins: Gold, Bag, Clock, Location, Mail, Performance, ReloadUI, Repair, Volume, XP Report any serious bug here or ingame (ClassicPvP): Magepy / Gepy
DB updated: 08/10/2019